US EPA invite Cairpol à présenter sa technologie de micro-capteurs de surveillance de la qualité de l’air

Nous sommes heureux d'annoncer que CAIRPOL a été invité par l'Agence américaine de protection de l’environnement US-EPA à présenter la technologie unique et innovante de ses micro-capteurs de surveillance de la qualité de l'air, lors du workshop "Air Sensors 2013: Data Quality & Applications" qui aura lieu le 19 et le 20 mars 2013 à l'EPA's Research Triangle Park Campus - 109 T.W. Alexander Drive - Durham, NC 27711 (USA). Cet évènement s'intègre dans le projet "EPA's Next Generation Air Monitoring Workshop Series".

Recent years have seen advances in the research and development of newer, more portable, and lower cost air pollution sensors for measuring air quality. These developments, along with the proliferation of social media, smartphones, and an online culture, provide new opportunities for citizens, communities, and governments to leverage these technologies and become more informed about the current state of the environment. Furthermore, citizens have a growing desire for technology that can provide a more real-time, localized, and personalized information stream, meeting both personal and community health needs.


Because the adoption of such technologies can have far reaching impact, an understanding of the quality of data needed and how it varies for different applications is quite important. Sensor developers are seeking innovative, low-cost approaches to ascertain what their instruments are actually measuring and how to calibrate them on-the-fly. As these instruments are more widely used, questions abound as to how best to manage all of the data. Speakers will be asked to address topics relating to new technologies, data quality, big data, and recent applications of sensors.


All plenary sessions will be broadcast via webinar. If you want to attend and to register, please click here.